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Ceremonial Magic 104


Ceremonial Magic 104: Practical Implementation and Ritual Guidance (with Poppa C) Ceremonial Magic 104 is the culmination of all that has been taught through classes 101-103 on the subject. With the proper historical foundation found in 101, theoretical knowledge in 102, and the acquired or constructed space and materials discussed in 103; you are ready to learn the final aspects of Ceremonial Magic, which will either propel you into your first ritual operation or otherwise, continue to empower your current grimoiric practice. This culmination is built upon what has previously been taught, and it is sincerely encouraged that you empower yourself by taking each of the previous classes. In this class, Poppa C presents a walkthrough of some of the most important ritual aspects that should be incorporated into every grimoiric operation, as well as a practical and structured outline of theurgic and goetic operation. This outlined approach to Ceremonial Magic is so thorough that it is capable of being used as a full operation to achieve success within the tradition. In Ceremonial Magic 104, Poppa C provides a walkthrough of: •The Middle Pillar Exercise: a daily energetic alignment practice. •The Bornless Ritual: an opening statement of ceremony. •The Qabalistic Cross: aligning your microcosmic energetic centers to Divine macrocosmic power. •The Invoking and Banishing Rituals of the Pentagram: summoning and dissipating spiritual entities. •Opening and Closing the Watchtowers





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