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Ceremonial Magic 102


Ceremonial Magic 102: Essential Knowledge and Theory (with Poppa C) In Ceremonial Magic 101, we established a foundational overview of the texts and history of the tradition, as well as learned of the importance of devoting oneself to the consistent pursuit of the intricacies of the grimoires. Intended as a continuation of Ceremonial Magic 101, in this class we now move into the conceptual and theoretical aspects of ritual magic, discussing perquisite techniques and understandings that will be essential to incorporate while moving forward in your esoteric practice as a whole. Along with delivering an understanding of magical axioms, Poppa C will delve deeper into some of the most important texts of the tradition, such as the Greater and Lesser Keys of Solomon and Agrippa’s Four Books of Occult Philosophy, detailing and discussing many conceptual aspects found within the texts. You will gain a strong understanding of what is described in some of the most difficult passages, leaving the class able to conceptualize why those passages exist while acknowledging the importance and necessity of many of the extremities found throughout the tradition. In Ceremonial Magic 102, Poppa C will teach: •Imperative spiritual and magical axioms and techniques. •The necessity of mental, emotional, and physical training and extremity. •Reaching an altered state of existence for ritual work: you are the Magus. •The magic and power of the Word: theory of orations, invocations/evocatio





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