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Hoodoo 104 (with Sen Elias)


This class is a continuation of Hoodoo 103. In Hoodoo 103, you gained a basic understanding of these lessons: How to invoke the spirits of your ancestors to ask for their assistance in your work How to work with saints and other spirits to gain their assistance in your work Psalms and other verses to be used in the work The power of place How to bless and elevate the spirits of the roots How to create powders for a variety of purposes How to create spiritual baths It is my sincerest hope that you've completed all three previous classes and you've continued to grow in your study to apply those lessons with wisdom and discernment. If you have, then you are ready to gain a further understanding. If you haven't, then this class will prove to be of little value for you. The word conjure invokes grand ideas of masterful magic performed by a powerful conjure man. I assure you that it is indeed grand and powerful when it is truly understood. Within the Bible, there are formulas which provide hints and clues to something deeper, something more esoteric and occult. Those clues lead us to other books and grimoires that contain expanded information and even more clues. When you are able to put the entire formula together, a complete system of conjuration appears. The art of conjuration compounds on all of the simpler methods of working and builds a complete and complex system of spirits evocation. In this class Sen Elias will guide you through the formula of conjuration which can be f



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