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Ceremonial Magic 101


Ceremonial Magic 101: History and Foundation of the Grimoiric Tradition (with Poppa C) Ceremonial Magic is a tradition that encompasses a wide scope of ritualistic operations and understandings, which find their source in the magical texts that have been passed to us from the depths of antiquity. These texts, the grimoires, are the heart of Ceremonial Magic, and thus it has come to be called the “Grimoiric Tradition” by many modern practitioners. In order to come into a high level of confidence when beginning your journey into the Grimoiric Tradition, it is imperative to understand the timeline of the grimoires throughout the ages and how they have been built upon each other, in order for Ceremonial Magic to manifest as the intensive and involved system it is. There is a traceable chain of textual lineage, which is the key to moving forward in the tradition and is the centerpiece of Ceremonial Magic 101. In this class, Poppa C will ensure that you have an understanding of grimoiric history as the foundation of Ceremonial Magic. Poppa C will teach: •The importance of accepting Ceremonial Magic as a journey. •“Lege, lege, lege, relege, ora, labora, ut invenies.”—“Read, read, read, read again, pray, labor, that you may discover.” - Eliphas Levi •The timeline and history of grimoiric development throughout the ages. •A synopsis & examination of the most popular and important grimoires in the tradition. •Where and how to begin your journey with Ceremonial Magic.





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