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Hoodoo 103 (with Sen Elias)


This class is a continuation of Hoodoo 102. In Hoodoo 102, you gained a basic understanding of these lessons: How the slavetrade influenced the tradition of hoodoo and its history How the unique worldview which exist within hoodoo formed and how it is applied How to work with and a build a strong relationship with your ancestors How to discover and apply your God given spiritual gift to the work Spiritual workings that will increase your spiritual awareness and support your practice In our previous class you've learned the foundation of hoodoo practice. That foundation is the battery which powers all of our work, without it no amount of magic will result in strong and lasting change. The magical workings which can be found in the practice of hoodoo, rootwork and conjure speak to the beautiful and unique culture that it arose from. Throughout the evolution of the tradition, the specific techniques of working have changed and grown to reflect the current needs of the people who practice it. It is extremely important to understand how the power is raised in hoodoo practice and how it is used to produce strong results. In this class we will explore the methods in which magic is made, along with helpful tips and tricks to become proficient at your work. You will also receive a beginners recipe list which you can build from as you continue to grow within the tradition. In this class Sen Elias will delve into the specific methods and technique of spell work and provide a list of r



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