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Art and Altars of Africa and Beyond 101


African Traditional Religions such as Haitian Vodou, New Orleans Voodoo, La Regla Lucumi (also known as Santeria,) and Candomble gain in popularity everyday. No longer are they completely hidden and downplayed. They are finally able to receive the positive attention and respect they deserve. This class will explore the exquisite religious art and altars of Africa and the African Traditional Religions. This first section will contain- Many different artists both modern and classical will be profiled and explored. Sacred shrines in nature like the Osun Grove in Nigeria will be discussed. Ancestor Shrines from all over the globe will be examined. Along with tips for expanding on and working with your own. Veves, originally these sacred symbols of Vodou were only drawn in cornmeal or flour, but now have come to be featured in metal and even as t-shirts and tattoos.





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