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Ancestral Healing and Connection


Our relationship with our ancestors is a fundamental building block of any spiritual practice. How do we make that foundation stronger? Ilai (formerly Lilah) is a tarot and rune reader at Crescent City Conjure and a Jewish witch specializing in lineage repair. She has studied with Orthodox rabbis, the Kohenet Jewish priestess program, and Daniel Foor. She practices Jewish, Celtic, and European magic. In this class, we will see how to connect with your dead, how to trust that connection and your intuition, and how to assess where and how your lineage can use your help. Participants will also learn techniques for protection during this work and how to choose an ancestral guide. Class will be March 18 at 7 PM CST and is $25 per person. Previous ancestral work or family knowledge is not needed. Attend in person at Crescent City Conjure or online.





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