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Walking the Shaman Heart -Shamanic Path 101


“Am I a shaman? How do I become a shaman?” These are questions many people have asked me and of themselves. In this class, I/we will share on what a shaman is, what is shamanism, and what is the shaman’s walk and heart, across various traditions. I/we will share wisdom on the shaman's outer and inner culture and the shaman’s circle of friends and allies. There’s a guided shamanic meditation and time for questions and insights. I am Rev. Dr. Anthony Farmer, Interfaith Minister. I walk the path of shaman healer, mystic, and spiritual teacher. I awakened to the path through a meditation and eagle spirit. When I stepped on sacred ground in the sea islands of South Carolina, I was renamed Grandfather Ocean. When I stepped on the sacred ground of the Xaman Ha Ruins in Mexico, I was renamed uraTehamu, the light that walks the night. During this class, I will offer the shaman’s walk, in reflection of my walk.





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