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Ceremonial Magic 103


Ceremonial Magic 103: Temple and Tools of the Magus(with Poppa C) In Ceremonial Magic 102, we gained a powerful understanding of many of the mental aspects of the Grimoiric Tradition, which built upon the foundation of the history of ritual magic found within 101. In Ceremonial Magic 103, we now proceed into the material world through continuing to delve into the key grimoires, to learn about each of the physical aspects of the tradition. Poppa C will discuss the qualities and importance of the sacred space, explain the many ceremonial tools and garbs as well as their applications in-depth, and introduce the necessity of creating or maintaining a personal ritual binder and/or journal. The meanings of pentacles, sigils of entities, seals, plates, lamens, talismans, rings, and other such objects of power and significance will all be elucidated. Consecration and cleansing of the sacred space and each of the materials will be discussed. The material components of ritual are often seen as a major barrier to practicing Ceremonial Magic and delving into grimoiric operations. In this class, you will discover accessible methods of acquiring, constructing, and/or producing the physical materials of ritual magic. In Ceremonial Magic 103, Poppa C will teach about: •The ritual temple and incorporation of the cardinal Watchtowers. •The many versions of the Circle of Art and why it is imperative. •The Triangle of Summoning and the necessity of incorporating a scrying medium. •Ceremo





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