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Keep Close to Your Ancestors


Obatala Obayemi Ademola -Oba Aala Obatala of USA A world-renowned motivational speaker, Spiritual leader, High priest, and a member of F.A.U (FRIEND OF AFRICAN UNION). B Also recently established and installed as Vice President to Carlton brown foundation, which works for the elevation of humanity and human rehabilitation. Obatala Obayemi is a priest from the rich continent of West Africa in Nigeria. He is a prophet in many religious arenas. Holds the kingship title of Orisa practitioners worldwide. Obatala Obayemi(Oba) studied much in life-based topics, specifically nature, society, spirituality, and culture Obatala Obayemi Ademola is Oba Aala Obatala of USA simply means a leader of Obatala( king of purity), Ifa religion, and Practitioner traditional culture. He has revived and helped many institutions in building stronger human faculty with diverse people from different nations. Here in USA 🇺🇸 Obatala Obayemi Ademola has taken his spiritual evangelism to many states, healing and teaching positive upliftment of spirit and soul. God has blessed his presence in providing his knowledge to the world as a coach of life. This Guru of knowledge will enrich all who come in contact with his energy. You are welcome. Quote: "it's only through patience that one can encounter greatness".





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