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Meet The Readers 

Each of our readers have been vetted and chosen by Sen Elias himself. They are all experienced, professional readers with great skill.

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Tiffany Monique

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Intuitive tarot reader with 20+ years experience specializing in reaching goals and facing challenges with pro-active plans and honest guidance.

Together, with spirit and ancestors, we can map out a plan specifically to address the root of your challenges to finally move forward toward success.

*Please contact Ms. Tiffany directly via text or call to schedule your reading.

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Ilai Wolf

Ilai is a psychic who specializes in ancestral connection and lineage healing work. She is a practitioner of Jewish folk magic, mysticism and has roots in Orthodox Judaism. She has studied with rabbis and Kohenet, a Jewish prietessing program. Ilai offers tarot, Elder Futhrark (Norse) Rune and Alef-Bet (Hebrew alphabet) readings. Ilai is also a certified Pilates instructor and uses movement and breathwork regularly to help ground and heal clients.  

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Geneva Luddington

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Blessings Beautiful Beings,

My name is Geneva I’m an intuitive healer through tarot, massage, sound therapy, and guided meditation. As we journey behind the veil together we tap into your energy, the spirit of your ancestors and what the universe is guiding you to. I’m here to assist you as you heal yourself.

Peace. Love. Blessings.



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Bishop is a writer, traveler and professional tarot reader. He has been a tarot reader for nearly 15 years  and has been working professionally since 2017.He got his start right her in New Orleans on Jackson Square and has been helping people with their path since. 


Amber Carolynn

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Amber Carolynn offers intuitive tarot readings with the intention to help others heal their inner stresses and anxieties. She uses her gifts and tool to provide higher knowledge, emotional healing and clarity around people, places and things.



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Sangogbemi is a Sango and Ifa initiate within the Ifa Orisa tradition. He received his "Warriors" and "Hand of Ifa" in the Afro-Cuban practice in Miami, Florida USA under elder, J. Ospina. Continuing to develop his ideas and moving increasingly towards traditional philosophy, he later received Sango and Ifa consecrations with Awo Falokun Fatunmbi and Awo Awodele Fatunmbi (lineage: Araba Adesanya Awoyade, Ode Remo, Ogun State, Nigeria). Working through both perspectives, his path has been one of comparative analysis and collaborative healing. 

Rate and Payment: 

Readings are $150 USD (transferred directly to Sangogbemi) and may last up to one hour. Please be advised that they may also be shorter depending on the nature of the communication at that time (the rate is set and not dependent upon duration). The scope of readings will focus on ONE area of investigation (deeper subject-matter encouraged) and go substantially in-depth. The area of inquiry/question should be identified beforehand to confirm its suitability for the divination-style. Payments are processed in advance via Cash App ($DjMixx1305) to secure your reservation. Other payment methods available upon request.

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