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Money Drawing Magic

November 14, 2020

Although money is necessary in our physical world, it is often spoken about as being something negative or bad. In our society, money is thought of as a limited resource, which creates feelings of scarcity and fear in the majority of us. Prosperity in a spiritual context is not limited, but instead, it is an infinite and free-flowing stream of energy that can be accessed by anyone at any time. The first step to taking advantage of this limitless resource is to identify any deep rooted negative emotions you might have towards prosperity, which is admittedly easier said than done. Without correcting these systemic roadblocks, there is no type or amount of magic that could improve your situation in any sustainable way.

Your relationship to money is either strengthened or weakened with every thought, word or action you have towards it. For instance statements like “I am always broke.”or “I can’t seem to get ahead.” re-enforce a negative relationship with finances and pushes blessings of prosperity further away from you. These simple words may seem insignificant but they play in our minds like a broken record and plant themselves deep into our spirits. Become mindful of every negative statement and thought towards your income and practice redirecting that energy in a positive way. For instance, instead of saying that you are broke say “It isn't in my budget right now.” This statement re-enforces control over your resources which is positive.

It may take some time, but correcting and redirecting those broken record players is necessary in order to release yourself from feelings of scarcity and lack. You cannot enter into a new relationship without clearing up old habits first. This type of thought control is a type of spiritual work of its own. In part, we do manifest our reality through what is constantly on our minds. You’ll see great improvements by mastering this alone.

Exercises To Assist With Negative Thoughts Towards Money

Fake It Till You Make It

Go to store that you know you cannot afford to shop at. Walk around as if you fully intend to purchase something. Become aware of any anxiety that may arise and ask yourself why you feel anxious. Find something in the store that you really like and take a moment to visualise purchasing it and taking it home. Really feel the satisfaction for buying something because you want it instead of because of how much it cost.

Champagne Taste Kool-Aid Money

Our material possessions can be a reflection and constant reminder of our financial wellbeing. We tend to not take care of things that have no value to us, and that can reflect in the condition of our living space, vehicle and attire. Although you may not be able to afford fancy things, you can still take great care of what you have now. Make sure that your home, your car and your body are always clean and in order. Appreciate what you have now to attract more.

Treat Yo Self!

Treat yourself to something you would never buy because it costs too much (as long as the purchase is within your budget and only do this every blue moon) Enjoy a meal from a five star restaurant, get that blouse or shirt you've had your eye on. Allow that one thing to inspire and encourage you. There is no place that you cannot go and there is nothing in this world you cannot partake in.

Simple Hoodoo Tricks To Attract Money

The practice of conjure allows us to have greater control over our circumstances by working with ancestors, natural objects and our indwelling divine blessings. The universe is infinitely abundant and if we only ask and have faith, we are able to draw what we need to us. These are a few simple ways to manifest increased finances in your life. Incorporating these small rituals through your day will entice prosperity to follow you wherever you go.

Anoint your cash money before depositing it into the bank

Rub money drawing oil on your bills and whisper into the bill “Go out and find your friends and bring them back to me.” You are telling the bill to attract more cash to you as it travels through the banking system. You can expect to find money in unexpected places.

Always pick loose change, never pass by it

No matter how small the amount, even if it's just a penny, collecting loose change tells the universe that you wont allow money making opportunities to pass you by. If the coin is tails, flip it over to heads before you pick it up and only use your left hand.

Anoint your wallet or purse

Your wallet or purse is where most of your money lives, make it a charm that increases income by anointing it with money drawing oils. Keep a lodestone in your wallet to magnetically pull prosperity to you.

Building A Prosperity Drawing Altar

If you’ve been putting the little tricks to use and they have become apart of your daily routine, you should have seen some improvements in your financial life. It’s time to move on to bigger workings. A prosperity altar operates as a place where you can continuously call prosperity to you, it will also become a home for spirits that are willing to assist.

An altar should be anchored by a spirit who will vigilantly manage the energies raised at your altar and properly guide them into manifesting in your life. If you currently do not work any deities that are known to draw prosperity, this would be a good time to begin building a relationship with one. Saints are easily approachable because they will work with anyone and don't require a religious affiliation to assist. Here are some suggestions of Saints you could begin working with.

Saint Expedite- Saint Expedite is a powerful and efficacious spirit, turned to throughout the globe for quick results and material intercession, especially in the case of emergencies. Most famed for delivering fast cash and bringing a swift end to lawsuits and bureaucratic nonsense, he can also be called upon to expedite the results of other magical work and prayed to for all manner of manifest results.

Saint Martha- o have lived when Jesus did and was Mary Magdalene and Saint Lazarus' Sister. She is known to have waited on and served Christ and the Apostles. It is said that after Christ died, she went to France and took out a dragon aka "the Devil'. In Catholicism she is the Patron Saint of Waitresses, and the Service Industry. In Hoodoo, she is petitioned for love, money/prosperity, and protection.

Our Lady of Good Health- Our Lady of Good Health, also known as Our Lady of Vailankanni, is a celebrated Catholic title of the Blessed Virgin Mary believed to have appeared in Velankanni Town, Tamil Nadu, India. According to traditional beliefs, the Marian apparition is said to have occurred to a young boy delivering milk to the neighborhood when the Virgin Mary, carrying the child Jesus, is said to have appeared.

Learn as much as you can about the Saint you plan to work with. Acquire some image of that Saint, a printed picture of the Saint will do. On a clean surface made of natural materials place your Saints image in the center. Set a fixed 7 day candle in front of the image ( the candle should be fixed with money drawing oils). Next place a small book of prayers to be said on your altar. The prayers should include ones to the saint, money drawing Psalms and prayers that come from the heart. Place an incense burner on the altar. Place a glass of fresh water on the altar.

Place as many bills as you can on the altar with any loose change you might have. Keep your money drawing oil on the altar and anything else you might use in your rituals. The first day you work at your altar, light your candle and give flowers of thanks giving to the saint and welcome them into your home and into your life. Light money drawing incense and state your intentions to honor them that they may work on your behalf for increased finances. Commit to a regular practice of prayer and offerings of bills and foods or liquids that saint might like. You may also want to add a large lodestone for attraction to the altar.

Keep your altar clean with fresh water and consistent offerings. Burn money drawing incense often. Keep your wallet or purse by the altar. Whenever there is an opportunity for you to make more money, find a new job or gain clients bring it to the altar and ask the saint for assistance. Make sure to always have a fixed 7 day candle burning on the altar. The altar will naturally grow as you continue to use it. It’s best to keep the altar by your front door to usher in finances to you home or business. When you notice that your altar is becoming full of bills and change, say a prayer to the saint that they bless the money that whoever comes in contact with it also gain prosperity. Donate the amount to a charity or to a good cause.

In conclusion, we shouldn't allow any form of fear to consume us, instead we should take action to change or circumstances. You do not have to deal with lack and scarcity as long as you are willing to put in the physical and spiritual work. It is important to give back when we call increased finances to us because it makes us a conduit instead of a cup. A cup can only hold so much, but a conduit will always receive as much as it gives. As always, many blessings and remember to make your spiritual practice a priority.

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