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Nail A Enemy Down Preventing Them From Working Against You

October 06, 2020

What you will need:

Black seven day candle

Railroad spike

Black string or ribbon

2 recent pictures of your target

Your targets first and last name and their date of birth

This working is best began on a Saturday during a waning moon. Performed over several days

Fix the black candle with domination or controlling oil. On the back of one picture of your target write their name and date of birth. Under their name and date of birth describe what they have done to deserve the working. Fold the photo the times going away from you and place it under the candle. Repeat on the back of the second picture. Put your candle in a place it will undisturbed. Place the railroad spike, black sting, and second picture directly in front of the candle.

Say a prayer to your spirits for their assistance in your work.

Place your hands over the candle and Read Psalms 56 3 times.

Light the candle and say this spell while wrapping the second picture around the spike using the black string.

“-------------” As this string ties you to this spike, the consequences of your actions against “-------------” become a heavy bourdon which weighs you down.

The guilt of your wicked plots makes you unable to move. You are now stuck and bound.

Until you change your ways and make amends, you are completely buried ground.

No further moves against “---------” are possible. You have lost the light of the Sun.

Sleepless nights and anguish are all you know until you face what you have done.

Make sure that the picture is completely covered with the sting and secured to the spike with knots. Leave the candle to burn through the night.

Each day that the candle is burning Read Psalms 10 over the spike

When the candle is done burning, dispose of it in the trash. Nail the spike into the ground in a place where the sun doesn't shine. It is better if the location is on a path your target is sure to walk over or close to their home.

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