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Talk To Me Spell

April 09, 2019

Working to cause communication between two people

What you’ll need:

Talk to Me oil

Small bowl


Red string

Glass of water

On a small piece of brown paper write the words “call me” on all four corners. Next, in the center of the paper write your target's name seven times one under the other (example A). Anoint the four corners of the paper with Talk to Me oil. (example B). Fold the paper three times towards you one way and then fold it three times towards you the other way (example C). Wrap the folded paper with red string and then knot the string three times (example D). Attach a six inch long piece of red string to the petition by knotting one end to the red string that is wrapped around the petition and let the rest hang like a tea bag (example E). Place the petition in a small bowl. Place a glass of water next to your bowl. Fill bowl with salt to bury the petition. Hold the free portion of attached red string above the salt leaving it free (example F). Allow the free sting to hang off the side of the bowl and leave the petition in the salt overnight. In the morning pull the petition out of the salt by pulling the hanging red string. Then say:

“I command you to call me!” three times out loud to the petition

Sprinkle petition with drops of water and then bury it again in the salt leaving the red string free to hang over the bowl. Do this every morning until the person calls or gets in contact with you somehow. When they reach out to you immediately remove the petition from the salt. Throw the salt away. Keep the petition next to the phone.

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