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Using Conjure To Open The Roads

November 11, 2020

Every decision we make determines our future. The eventual outcome of our actions is also influenced by the people, situations and circumstances in our lives. Like a deck of playing cards, our fate shuffles and changes with every passing moment creating new pathways of potential. In the tradition of hoodoo, we refer to these pathways as “roads”. Some of your roads support your forward motion and growth (open roads), while others hinder it (closed roads). When our roads are closed the smallest goal seems difficult to accomplish, we feel stagnant and we can develop a pessimistic outlook. When our roads are open, new opportunities are easy to find, travel is likely and new projects are completed with ease. Road opening workings address the condition of your roads by attracting positive paths and shutting down any negative paths.

The spiritual concept of life's potential pathways is reflected and represented in the physical world by any roads that cross creating a four way intersection. Anything that’s associated with a crossed road can be used in the spiritual work of road opening including performing the work at a crossroads. A few herbs that are known to open ones roads are, abre camino, ginger and lemongrass, you can use these herbs as a base for a road opening powder. Other curios that can be used in road opening work include, dirt from a crossroads, old keys, and symbols of open doors. These ingredients can be used to create all types of oils, baths, washes and charms; they can also be used in larger workings and rituals.

In the tradition of hoodoo, we use the bible for words of power. We know which words to use from several different sources , the most notable source comes from the Greater Key of Solomon. The 5th pentacle of Mercury which is known to open doors of all kinds, contains Psalms 24 verse 7 "Lift up your heads, O ye gates, and be ye lift up ye everlasting doors, and the King of Glory shall come in.". This veres should be used in your work along with Isaiah 43:19 “See, I am doing a new thing! Now it springs up; do you not perceive it? I am making a way in the wilderness and streams in the wasteland.” In rituals for road opening both versus should be read consecutively three times in a row. Another verses that is known to open the roads is Psalm 40.

Finally, the astrological correspondences should be considered and used in your working. The best day to do road opening work is on a Wednesday as that day is ruled by the planet Mercury. Mercury is ruled by deities of transit, transition and change. The work should also be done in the hour of Mercury. If you don't know what planetary hours are. I suggest doing a little research about how to calculate them and incorporate them into your work, their influence is significant and it is worth knowing how they affect the outcome of spell work. You may also want to consider the phase and sign of the Moon on the night of your work. A waxing moon is good for bringing things towards you while a waning moon is better for sending things away. So, spell work for road opening is best done on a Wednesday, in the hour of Mercury, during a waxing moon.

The moon aspects the twelves zodiac signs and the sign the moon is in should also be recorded before working. Each sign will bring with it a different type of energy. While the specific type of energy is less significant than the day, hour and moon phase it will affect how your work will manifest, so make sure to record it. I am providing this information in hopes that it gives you enough material for you to build your own rituals. I’m also including a ritual for you to use in the following instructions. Feel free to use this ritual until you are able to develop your own. As previously stated the best time to perform this working is on a Wednesday, in the hour of Mercury, during a waxing moon.

What you’ll need:

Road Opening Oil

Road Opening Powder

1 key with cord

4 red candles

Red string

The Work:

Begin by writing a petition on a small piece of paper. The petition should be a prayer for increased opportunities. Next, make an equal-armed cross on a clean natural surface using the Road Opening Powder. Fold the petition three times towards you and then place it in the center of the cross.

Place your key on top of the petition in the center of the cross. Next, dress each candle with Road Opener oil and place one candle at the end of each arm of your cross.

First thing in the morning light the first candle to the right of the key and say a sincere prayer from the heart. Hold the key in your right hand then say: “As the Sun did rise, the doors to my right are now unlocked.” Let the candle burn completely down.

At noon light the second candle just below the key and read Psalms 40. Hold the key in your right hand then say:

“As the Sun sits high, the doors behind me are now unlocked.” Let the candle burn completely down.

In the afternoon right before the sun sets light the third candle to the left of the key and read Psalms 24:7. Hold the key in your right hand and say: “As the Sun is setting, the doors to my left are now unlocked.” Let the candle burn completely down

At night light the fourth candle just above the key and read Isaiah 43:19. Hold the key in your right hand and say:

“This night, the doors before are now unlocked” Let the candle burn completely down.

Attach the petition to the neck of the key using a red string.

Dispose of all candle remains and powder at a crossroads

Wear the key everyday.

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