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As with every part of our lives, baths hold a place of importance.  Baths touch the skin, clean the body, refresh the senses and can make for a ritual in and of itself.   The Fire Bath is one of our favorite (and more difficult) baths to make! It is known by some to be a "hotter", more heavy duty, version of a cleansing bath.  The Fire Bath is made break away spiritual muck and negativity by utilizing "hot" roots and fiery spirits of those roots.  When the sage and Florida Water just don't cut it and you have those feelings of walking in the mud...every step is a labor in and of itself, the Fire Bath is intended to wash and "burn" it away!  Tired of being down and feeling overcome? Let those fiery roots get that off ya!  Each 8 ounce bottle contains one bath.  All you need to do is add half the bottle to your bath and wash the head downward.  While you are washing yourself, make those declarations that you abide under the shadow of the Spirit and are cleansed and will not be overcome by anything!  Make the declarations that you will be cleansed and made whole!  Have a white candle lit in the bathroom while taking the bath.  Feel the cleansing power of the fiery spirits of the roots!

Fire Bath

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