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As with every part of our lives, baths hold a place of importance.  Baths touch the skin, clean the body, refresh the senses and can make for a ritual in and of itself.   The Get Yo Mind Right Bath is a very special bath, indeed.  Things that go on in the mind have the ability to propel us forward or to bind and inhibit us.  For example, fear, whether real or perceived, begins with a feeling and/or a thought.  Anxiety can be crippling to our own progression in what we are and are not able to accomplish.  This bath was made with the intention to get the mind to a position of balance.  Influences of the mind have to be put in check and the design of this bath is to do just that.  Begin with peace of mind and move forward to peace of the soul.  Sometimes we allow for things to overcome us.  Well, now is the time for us to overcome!  When we begin with our own minds, we set a stage for success and progress in all things.  Sometimes, to move forward, you gotta Get Yo Mind Right!  Each 8 ounce bottle contains two baths.  All you need to do is add half the bottle to your bath and wash the head downward.  While you are washing yourself, make those declarations that no fears, no chains will bind you!  It's time to overcome those fears and be free from those chains!  Have a white candle lit in the bathroom while taking the bath.

Get Yo Mind Right Bath

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