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Love's True Kiss CandleThe Love's True Kiss candle is very special, indeed. It is focused on bringing the right one into your life - somebody to create a good foundation and a lasting relationship. All too often we are blinded by lust and domination, but we must not forget the promise of real love. A love that is strong, true and lasting. At Crescent City Conjure, we have worked incredibly hard so that others can achieve something incredible, and not something temporary. The candle is hand poured and ceremonially dressed with our own roots and oils by somebody who has been lucky enough to find his own lasting love. If you are ready to experience real love, this candle is certainly a way to open those doors. It's time to let our work do some work for you!

The candle is 6-inches to keep the work going. The time for lasting love is here. Get one of these powerful candles and let the change happen!

Love's True Kiss Candle

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