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Open road oil can assist in taking advantage of opportunities that were previously closed off to you. Think of shattering glass ceilings and moving forward when you feel stuck. Opening the roads brings about more control of your external environment, allowing you to have more choices and the freedom to travel down the path you truly want to be on.


Abre Camino takes center stage in this recipe. Renowned for its ability to unlock doors, Abre Camino is essential for any road opening working. If you find that you've put much effort to achieving a desire but have won little to no pay off, this oil can help with that.


If you've found that your magic isn't manifesting the cause could be blockage, and a road opening may he able to solve the issue. You dress candles, were the oil on your skin, bless charms ok gris-gris.


Psalms 119:105

Psalms 23:3

Road Opening Oil

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