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The truth about Love Work

Love work is one of the most requested magical workings I receive. Love is a powerful force that can bring people together or tear them apart, I understand why so many people would wish to control the tides of love, but the truth is that real and lasting love cannot be controlled. From my experience of working with this incredible force, I can confidently say that it is not up to us when and how we fall in love, that responsibility belongs to a higher being. God knows why our hearts pump harder for one person opposed to another, but the creation of a true and lasting bond is beyond human understanding.

That being said, I still perform love drawing workings for my clients. There are nuances in this vein of work that can lead to a client meeting that special person, I work with those nuances to produce results. There are two main ways love can be worked with from a spiritual/magical perspective. One path of drawing love is what I call “good” and the other path is what I call “bad”. I’ll be using these two terms for clarity, but I want to make it clear that the phyllisophical understanding of those two polarities become “grey” in this context.

I also want to make it clear that love work is altogether different than reconciliation work which does not operate from a romantic standpoint. The goal of reconciliation is not to reunite two individuals. Reconciliation is exactly as it’s name suggest, it is intended to reconcile past negative issues that have transpired to create and maintain peace. Make sure to know what you’re asking for before you begin the work. Your emotions can make or break love work and it is detrimental to desire something that no work has been done to attain.

The first type of love working is “good” meaning that it doesn't impede on the free will of another person. This type of working doesn't focus on one specific individual, instead it sends a prayer out requesting the right person be sent to you. This type of working will find the person who is right for you at this time in your life. It’s important to know what you want in a partner before you make this type of request but it’s a positive working which can result in lasting love and a happy relationship.

The next type of love working is forceful and violent in a spiritual context. What this working required is the complete breaking down of a person’s free will so that it can be overwritten by the workers instructions. Now, I’m the type of worker who isn't opposed to domination, but this type of love working can and often does have disastrous results. It’s up to each person to decide what path they want to take so if you're going to go down this road, you should be aware of the consequences.

When a person is being manipulated for long periods of time their spirit can feel and knows that something is off. Their conscious mind can't identify where this feeling is coming from or why, but still, they can feel a looming sense of being trapped or controled. This feeling will often result in the target acting out to assert their independence, this includes cheating, drug use and violence in the relationship.

I have had a first row seat to all of these things happening after forceful love work was done. As the spell begins to wear off these negative actions will increase, and eventually the target will leave the relationship all together. These spells tend to last about a year, so you can look forward to a year of foggy happinest with a “meat puppet” who is only with you because their free will is being crushed into submission.

I’m sharing this to illustrate the depth of horror forcing someone against their will for prolonged periods of time can have. A fallout is almost certain to occur.

Be very clear about what you're asking for and why. There are so many nuances and loopholes to every vein of magic, but wisdom is the difference between a good worker and a bad one.

I once had a friend who was a very successful spiritual worker that performed forceful love magic on a man he desperately wanted to call his own. Despite knowing the consequences he decided to do this work because he believed he could handle the blowout. The blowout will always be more than the person performing the work can handle, and so what happened next was horrifying. My friend was able to control his target and for about a year they were “happy”. During this year his “meat puppet” slowly developed a drug habit.

To deal with being spiritually manipulated a love target will often act out in other ways. After a year of foggy bliss, the target was addicted to drugs and he struggled with a depression that he could not understand or identify. This story ends with the target taking his own life. Forceful love magic always ends badly.

I’m sharing this story to illustrate the depth of horror forcing someone against their will for prolonged periods of time can have. This is an extreme case because it was performed by someone who should have known better, but a fallout is almost certain to occur. 

Be very clear about what you're asking for and why. There are so many nuances and loopholes to and vein of magic, but wisdom is the difference between a good worker and a bad one.   

  • Here are some tips on how to make love work successful for you.

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I 100% agree with you on love work. I had a similar experience when I was much younger and head strong. I lacked both wisdom and experience. I did a love working on a man. It was a powerful spell and it did work for a time, but as it wore off and I was unable to control the negative effects of the spell. He became violent, and obsessive. He also started using drugs. Try as I might I was unable to reverse the spell for his sake and mine. I eventually left the relationship and moved to Nola where I am now a voodoo practitioner. I have now finally been able to cut the ties to this man but…

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